Take control of your translation workflow process. Translations on time, on quality & within budget


Connect your CMS and any IT system, to deliver work to your translators in an automated way


Increase productivity, eliminating time consuming activities and re-use translated content with a Translation Memory

Everything you can do with Parlam TMS

Organize projects by work teams or departments

Projects can be associated with specific people, respecting privacy and security of data.


Save time and money with a Translation Memory

Each translated phrase is stored in a database called the Translation Memory. When a new translation is needed, content translated in the past will be retrieved from your history. This time-saver allows profits to skyrocket while delivery times are reduced.

Know the price of each translation before requesting it

Before making a request, you’ll know the cost. Manage rates for each translator by controlling cost down to 4 digits of precision.


Intelligently assign each language to the most qualified translator

Using a set of rules, Parlam can automatically assign a language, content type, quality level, or state of urgency to a specific translator.

Work with as many agencies and translators as you wish

Using Parlam TMS, you work with the translators and agencies you prefer or opt to use our Automatic Translation connector.


Use Parlam Workbench to translate or revise translations independently

Thanks to the help of Translation Memory, you can integrate Parlam Workbench or other tools to translate and revise projects internally.

Create detailed reports and gain more control

How many active translations are there? What were the monthly costs for each department? What is your Translation Memory’s activity? What are the translators’ ratings for each language?


Xavi Casals

CEO, Parlam

In the article 4 Reasons Why your Company Needs a TMS" , Parlam’s CEO explains which company’s problems can be solved with Parlam TMS.


The Translation Memory


The Translation Memory is a database of translated phrases created as time goes by. Each time you create a translation project, Parlam TMS does a phrase-by-phrase search of its memory. If it finds a phrase with a similarity of 50% to 100% then you will save money.

When your translator receives new content to translate, they also receive corresponding content from the Translation Memory. Consequently, the cost of the translation will be lower.

It’s very likely that your business includes similar products and descriptions sharing common content.

When you translate a 1000-word document you pay for 1000 translated words. Suppose you review the document and ask the translator to modify only 100-words; do you think you should be paying for another 1000-words?

If your answer is "NO" then the Translations Memory is for you.

“Parlam has brought us an improvement in translation quality plus cost savings of over 30%”

Stephan Keschelis
Vice President E-Commerce & Digital Transformation
NH Hotel Group


Parlam Workbench


Parlam Workbench is an editor that allows you to translate or review the translations that you receive from agencies or translators. These tools, called CAT, have a high cost and are usually available only to professional translators. Parlam TMS includes this complete editor for FREE. It’s very easy to use and can be managed by translators and copy editors within your organization.

Parlam Workbench allows you to:

  • With the help of the Translation Memory, translate phrase-by-phrase documents in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and 30 other formats.
  • Add comments to projects, documents, or individual phrases for your translators to review.
  • Pass a quality filter that allows you to review the translation and its possible failures.

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"Translating thousands of products to several languages using multiple providers at the same time would be an impossible challenge without Parlam"

Adolfo Sanchez

Corporate Director - Wanup