Parlam Enterprise

Parlam Enterprise is the perfect translation management system (TMS)
for large corporations.


Everything is aimed at obtaining maximum control of the cost and quality of the translations. Parlam Enterprise provides you with the following features:

  • Create cost centers to limit the cost of translations.
  • Define personalized rates so that the client can apply rates to their translators and not the other way around.
  • Set smart rules for automating distribution of each language to the right translator.
  • Use project templates that define key aspects of the translation process workflow, such as the different levels of revision in your organization.
  • Create as many translation memories and glossaries as you need, such as one for each department.
“Parlam has brought us an improvement in translation quality plus cost savings of over 30%.”
Stephan Keschelis,
Vice President E-Commerce & Digital Transformation, NH Hotel Group


Parlam Enterprise is hosted in a private cloud for each client, which provides an isolated environment and continuous monitoring and scaling to suit the needs of each specific case.

“Translating thousands of products to several languages using multiple providers at the same time would be an impossible challenge without Parlam.”
Adolfo Sánchez,
Corporate Director Wanup


Define translators inside your organization (internal translators). You can assign them translation tasks or send the tasks to your external translators. Create private translation agencies within your organization.

Pay your translator in the way that best suits you outside the Parlam environment. Parlam does not charge your translators a commission when they carry out projects for you. Parlam does neither take part in your commercial relationship, the payment process or resolving any disputes.

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