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The Beginning

Parlam was found in 2010 in Barcelona by developing a translation management software for major corporations. Until then, companies had to work with one large translation provider to keep track of all their translations and were forced to adapt to that provider’s software.


This experience showed us that clients prefer to use our tool to contact, hire and work with freelance translators and small local agencies that specialize in specific languages and topics. The chances of success of each project are increased by more competitive prices, personalized attention and direct communication with the translator.

The Next Step

Until now, companies managed their own translators and agencies. But at Parlam we think that if translation providers could be more visible on the marketplace, then companies, translators and agencies would all come out winning.

The advantages for freelance translators and small translation agencies are twofold: first, they are able to increase visibility and to manage their reputation with positive references from other clients. They can also work with remote and new clients from all over the world with the assurance that they will always receive payment for their work.

Even greater advantages are available to companies: they gain access to a broad network of local translators and can work with them securely with one fast, intuitive tool.

Parlam Marketplace

Parlam Marketplace was launched in 2017 to provide a meeting place for companies and translators. Parlam is also based in the United States to market the product and improve support in all time zones where the company offers service. Our mission is to enable companies to find the ideal translator for each language and topic.

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