Matthew Cocks

ES-EN, EN-ES, PT-EN - Fidelity, awareness, and analysis.
United Kingdom
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About Me

Freelance translator and interpreter Spanish to English, English to Spanish, & Portuguese to English Do you need your documents, website, or other material translated from or into Spanish, or from Portuguese into English? My name is Matthew, born in the UK, and I can provide these services with a punctual and dedicated attitude, investing my time and energy into ensuring that every phrase conveys your intended message. Having studied both Spanish and Portuguese at BA level, and after having lived and taught in Spain for one year, I am well versed in Iberian cultural and linguistic practices, and consider myself familiar with commercial and legal customs specific to this environment. This knowledge and experience is part of one of my core ideals: awareness - not only for your needs as my client (hence fidelity), but also awareness to the sensitivities of your target audience or market. As a responsible professional, I will not only translate your material, but also communicate with you at every step and inform you of any adaptions that may be necessary to fully connect with your own clients. This last part comes with my final core attribute: analysis. In my view, one of the most vital qualities that a translator must embody is the ability to appreciate and understand a source text in all its complexity to provide a translation that loses minimal meaning and contains maximum original nuance. In addition to translation, I provide interpreting services in the South East of the United kingdom in both consecutive and dialogue modes, where I am just as faithful to your needs as my client whilst also maintaining the key tenet of impartiality. During my current Masters course in Translation and Interpreting, I am constantly working to improve my skills to better serve you as my client. I am versed in the complex theory, etiquette, and ethics considerations that are essential for a solidly reliable and confidently undertaken translation task or interpreting session. My faithful allegiance to the core ideals pertaining to both myself and to my field, combined with my passion for up-to-date cultural and linguistic understanding will be reflected in the work I produce for you.

Employment History
3 years of experience
URBE Innovación Educativa - Valladolid, Spain
10/2015 - 6/2016 (8 months)
English teacher for ages 8-40+ employing constructionist teaching methods, cultural education, and accent training for a Cambridge curriculum. Held several parent meetings and have experience speaking with Spanish natives about educational and in-classroom child welfare matters..
Business / General
Computer / Electronic Games
Computer / Software
Ethnic and Cultural Studies
Government, Politics
Internet / e-Commerce
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
BA - First class Honours, BA (Hons) Spanish (with accelerated Portuguese)
University of Southampton
09/2013 - 7/2017 (3 years and 10 months)
MA postgraduate degree, MA Translation and Interpreting
University of Surrey
09/2017 - Currently studying in (1 year)