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French, more than just one language

French is the primary language of people in 29-countries living on five continents around the globe. European colonialism led to nearly 75-million present-day native speakers throughout Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Another 55-countries make-up the International Organization of La Francophonie, a group of nations who officially speak and teach the language.

Due to its prevalence in Europe and beyond, French is currently the second most commonly taught language globally. Use of the Latin-based tongue will increase significantly as African population growth continues. Further use in Indochina, Canada, and part of the Middle East completes a colorful linguistic mosaic.

Countless variations in pronunciation and colloquialisms exist throughout the French-speaking world. A thorough English to French translation exclusively requires a native translator.

Interesting facts about the French language

Pronunciation  Pronouncing latent consonants, hidden vowels, and sounds from the throat present difficulty for learners. The French "r" and "u" are particularly unique.

Accents  French can carry an accent mark of "Ç; é; â, ê, î, ô, û; à, è, ù; ë, ï, ü; á, é, í, ó and ú".

Punctuation   Punctuation varies slightly as « often replaces quotation marks and periods or spaces replace commas within numbers. It is common for spaces to linger between words and marks.

Gender  French nouns and pronouns always are masculine or feminine. Articles, adjectives, and verbs reflect the gender of each noun.

Plural  Designate plurality by adding "s" to the end of most French words or an "x" to words ending in "au".