How It Works

A new way of managing your translations
and working with your translators



Access our community of translators and find the ones with the languages and specialization that you are looking for.

Read the translators’ full profile, including experience, certifications and comments from other clients.

Get in contact with your favorite translators and click on "Activate" to start working with them.



Easily create a translation project adding the needed details such as the project title and description, the required deadline and the files to be translated.

You can also add comments for the translator, as well as any reference files you consider important to understand the context of the project.



Assign the Language: Choose a translator for each pair of languages and ask for a quote. Every language will have a separeted contract and your projects, and its associated files, will only be visible to the translator you have assigned to the project.

Accept the Translator's Quote: Receive the translator’s quote and choose to "Negotiate" it, "Accept" it or, if you "Reject" it, you can then choose a different translator.

When you accept the translator’s quote you can deposit the funds for the translation to guarantee the payment for the translator.

Accept the Translation: Revise the translation and, if you are not happy, request as many reviews as you like. You can send instructions to the translator and ask certain changes. Once you are satisfied with the final version, accept the translation to allow the translator to receive the payment.

Rate the Translator: Give a rate for your translator's job and, if you like, you can leave a comment to improve his/her reputation.



Parlam uses the platform Stripe to manage secure payments between clients and providers.

We are responsible for receiving the funds to pay for the translation when the client accepts the translator’s quote. This enables us to guarantee that translators will be paid for their services.

Parlam is responsible for paying the translators once the clients confirm they are satisfied with the translations received. This enables us to guarantee that clients receive the high-quality service they expect.

Security guaranteed at all times

We protect our clients and translators with a secure payment channel.

Security: we use the platform Stripe to ensure the security of every payment.

Payment by job: the work unit we use is the language pair. When a quote is approved, the client must deposit funds for the payment and when the client approves the translation, we make the payment to the translator.

Resolving disputes: we provide mechanisms to manage and resolve any disputes between clients and translators.

How does the project workflow work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Because you'll get access to a platform tailored to manage everything related to your translations: finding and contacting translators, requesting translations from them, using the chat room to keep in constant touch with them and paying them easily and securely.

Also, we'll change your relationship with your translators and you’ll be able to get in contact securely with as many translators as you like. Our recommendation is to work with different translators whose native language is the target language of the translation.

Finally, our basic version is free to use and it covers the needs of most small and medium-sized businesses.

Parlam is a free product for the Customer. Only at the time of the funding to pay for the translation there will be a 2% fee for the commission of the secure payment gateway over the internet.

Parlam Enterprise is a product aimed at large organizations. If you are interested in receiving a proposal, please contact us. You can always create a free account and begin to learn about the Parlam environment.

Clients using the Parlam can be located everywhere in the globe.

Parlam has created a tool to help you keeping the translation process all tidy and organized. It'll also allow you to find new translators and to keep in direct contact with them. There are three ways to add translators to this tool:

- Search on our community of translators by using filters.

- Invite your regular translators to join the Parlam community.

- Add a translator directly: if your translators are already part of our community, you can add them by using their Parlam ID.

At Parlam we believe that a translator's reputation shouldn't depend on paying a subscription but it should be acquired through their own merits.

On every translator's profile you'll see their average rating in terms of stars, the number of jobs they’ve carried out through Parlam and the opinions of other clients like you. This is why it's important that you take a moment to rate your translators.

On your Parlam account you have a "Projects" section and a button "First/New Project". You just have to follow four simple steps where you'll choose a project name, write a description and the due date, choose the source and target language, and upload the files to be translated, together with any notes and reference files for the translator.

If your project needs to be translated in different target languages it'll be divided into jobs. This will give you the possibility to assign each language to a different translator.

Once you have assigned a language to a translator, he/she will receive your request and will send you a quote that you will approve, reject or negotiate.

Yes. You can discuss the quote with the translator and ask to modify it as many times as you wish. Once you are happy with the quote, you have to approve it. If you cannot reach an agreement with the translator you can cancel that job and ask a quote to another translator.

We recommend to deposit the money as soon as you accept a quote. Translators might not feel confortable to start working on a translation if the funds have not been deposited yet. They will be notified about it, therefore it's their decision to start working on your translation before or after you have deposited the money.

The funds you deposit will be transfered to the translator only after you've approved the translation.

You'll receive a notification once the translator delivers the job. You can then revise the translation and decide if you want to accept it or ask for a review. The translator will be payed once you approve and accept the translation.

Once you receive the translation you’ll be able to revise it. If you are not happy with it or if you want the translator to make changes, Parlam gives you the option to ask the translator to revise the translation. This process can be repeated as many times as you consider necessary.

If you are not able to reach an agreement with your translator and you consider the translation to be unacceptable, you can open a dispute. From this moment, Parlam will try to resolve the dispute in the best appropriate way. We can rule that the translator has not met minimum standards and we can refuse the payment, or we can agree on a major discount on the services or even demand to redo the translation.

When you accept the translation, Parlam will send the payment to the translator and you'll receive an invoice.

At this point you'll just need to rate your translator so that he can grow his/her reputation in the Parlam community.