How It Works

The most transparent platform for clients and translators to work together


Create your profile

Parlam is a community of translators, so be sure to create an interesting profile that will help you stand out.

  • Complete your profile. Add information until your profile is 100% complete
  • Photo and tagline. Upload a professional picture of yourself alongside an attractive tagline.
  • Make it public. A simple click makes your profile public and available to clients around the world.

The translators in the Parlam community need to be a resident and have a bank account in one of the following countries to be able to receive payments: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. We’ll be adding more and more countries to the list, so if you cannot be part of the Parlam community yet, send us an email to asking us to inform you as soon as we’ll be available in your country.

Creating your Parlam account and joining our community of translators it's 100% free. We only take a 10% commission.

Because Parlam is free to join and it allows you to gain visibility inside the community based on your merits. It's equivalent to having a new channel for generating business. Moreover, Parlam allows you to work with clients from all over the world and collect payment securely.


Be ready

Once your profile is public, you won't need to do anything else because clients will contact you directly.

  • Clients contact with you. At any moment, you might be contacted by a client who would like to know you better.
  • Clients ask for a quote. You will receive requests asking for a translation quote. Add Parlam to your contacts so that you see our emails in your inbox.
  • You got a job. Start working on a translation once a client accepts a quote.

In Parlam, the clients contact the translators. To obtain the best position in client search results it's important to have a completed public profile and to upload a professional looking photo to it. But what will be mostly helpful to get a better position in search results is to receive good ratings from your clients. This way Parlam can insure that its community of translators have a 100% real reputation.

When clients choose your profile and are willing to work with you, they will ask for a quote. To be able to provide your quote, you will have access to the files to be translated and to the reference material.

Parlam works with Stripe to manage the payments between clients and translators. Stripe it's an external platform that needs to verify that you are a real person so that you can receive your payments safely. This means that the data related to your credit card, bank account and your ID will only be stored by Stripe.


Work efficiently

Parlam makes it easy for translators to build great relationships with clients.

  • Resolve any doubts. Before working on a translation, you can use the project's chat to contact and ask your client questions.
  • Respect the deadlines. Upload the translated file on time.
  • Understand your client. Make sure both parties are satisfied with the completed work and your client will approve your translation.

When you are asked for a quote, you can see all the data related to that project. The important information includes the due date and specific comments for the translator. You'll have access to this data during the whole translation process.

You will have two chats available in Parlam. One that is created automatically in each translation project and a direct one with each of your clients.

If a client decides to not accept your translation because they feel that the quality of the job does not meet certain minimum standards, Parlam reserves the right to act as arbitrator and will analyze each case in detail. To avoid disputes, you should communicate clearly with your client and act professionally.


Get paid

At Parlam, you won't need to wait around for payments because they are automatically sent to your account once approved by a client.

  • Receive your payment. Once the translation has been approved, you'll automatically receive the payment in your account.
  • Improve your reputation. Politely ask your client to leave you a review.
  • Spread the word. Share your Parlam experience with other fellow translators.

When a client accepts your quote, they are asked to deposit the funds corresponding to the payment for the translation. When the client has deposited the money, this will be shown in the project details. You can begin to work as soon as the client approves your quote or you can wait until they have deposited the money. Parlam guarantees the payment and the resolution of disputes from the moment the client deposits the funds. The first time you work with a client, we recommend you to wait until the money has been deposited before you begin to translate.

When you deliver the translation the client will revise and accept it. When the translation is accepted, Parlam will pay you after taking its commission.

Your reputation in the community is very important. The better your reputation, the higher your ranking in client’s search results. In Parlam, you cannot improve your reputation by paying a fee. In Parlam, your reputation depends solely on your own merits. Three are the important factors:

1. Number of jobs done: The more jobs you do, the better. This number will be visible on your public translator profile.

2. Your translation ratings: Every time a client approves one of your translations, they can choose to rate it with 1 to 5 stars. Parlam will calculate your average number of stars based on the ratings from the past 12 months and will weight ratings based on the translation cost (the rating on a more expensive translation has more weight than the rating on a less costly one).

3. Client references: Your client’s opinion counts. Try to get your clients to write a positive review of their experience working with you.

Security guaranteed at all times

We protect our clients and translators with a secure payment channel.

Security: we use the platform Stripe to ensure the security of every payment.

Payment by job: the work unit we use is the language pair. When a quote is approved, the client must deposit funds for the payment and when the client approves the translation, we make the payment to the translator.

Resolving disputes: we provide mechanisms to manage and resolve any disputes between clients and translators.

How does the project workflow work?

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s very easy. Just create your free account with Parlam, complete your public profile and you’ll immediately be visible in the Parlam community of translators.

When clients get in contact with you, they will be added to a list of contacted clients that you can see on your account. When you reach an agreement on a job, you will be activeted as your client's translator and you'll receive a notification. From that moment, that client will appear on your list of active clients.

Parlam will notify you that your quote has been rejected. When a client rejects a quote can choose to add a comment for the translator and the translator will still be able to contact the client through the chat.

As soon as a client accepts your quote, you will be notified by email and you can then start translating.